Thursday, January 13, 2011

CES 2011

This year was a more relaxed trip than previous times in Vegas, CES 2011 was huge, jam packed with people, and full of awesome things to be amazed by. I didn't cover the entire show, but I saw what I cared to see, which was car audio, and random crap in that building (turned out to be 101 accessories for ipads and iphones) lol
Canon's huge booth this year, and was hoping to see Gaga at Polaroid, but didn't stay long enough. Matt was sick, and I was lazy so it worked out.


lots of lenses...

platform in Canon's booth to test out several telephoto lenses :D
I love the prints Canon displays each year
every time I see a puppet photo I think of my manipulated shot
Puppet Photo below by Bruce Dorn
Such a stunning wedding shot
photo by Clay Blackmore
photo by Ken Sklute
Little tilt shift capturing this beautiful scene
photo by Vincent Laforet
Night sky photo by Jennifer Wu
Kicker had some pretty awesome concepts for the photography of their products

Mercedes rollin on that carbon fiber lip at the MTX booth

Kenwood's latest design for their slim subwoofers
The new programming behind their screens is better than before and fast response.
Looking for a double din screen? Go with Kenwood, want better? go with Kenwood Excelon
They railed this pretty Lambo off from viewers, I dont blame them after someone dropping their camera on one last year!
woooo AMERICA! v8's and shit
Ford's cutting blocks
shiny...turbo :)
now idk about this interior in a s14.
the classic looking like candy
got dolla bills painted, big bangin system man cause im the mother fkin boss.
I really just wanted to take Audi's booth home with me...and might as well throw the r8 in with it.
sorry for the cut off photo, was jam packed here, but hyundai's concept was crazzzy
Alpine's Camero

West Coast Customs Tron R8

chrome, neons and shit
Samsung, displays worldwide
huge camera
polaroid stunna shades
Bone usb's are so damn cute :D
I want a collection of the sanrio characters ^.^
hello kitty ftw =)
Lux mobile dancer
Asian's are so damn cute. plus she has fluffys on, hell yeah shes awesome.

More posts from vegas trip to come...
need to change blog website though, uploading photos on blogger is annoying

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

Looking forward to this New year, 2011! Im posting up some photos I took for my Grandmother, every year she sets up about 15+ trees in her garden shop and covers the trees with decorations.
Different styles and themes she brings to each one. She brings things together and decorates just about anything beautifully.
Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and New Year :)
This wednesday I'll be flying to Vegas for the consumer electronics show! Cant wait :D

The christmas tree at my house, Scout ran into the frame and I clicked away :)